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Motion graphic designers that create visually captivating animated graphics that tell stories, promote products and deliver compelling visual content.
Motion graphics animation is great for creating sales and marketing content, training and educational videos, and types of video content.

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Motion Graphics Work

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics

Animated creative and motion graphics created for various uses like blog content, marketing material, or advertising efforts.

Animated Videos

Animated videos used for advertising purposes or educational material are all designed with your brand and audience in mind.

Animated Explainer Videos

Get custom-designed videos, audio, and messaging to explain your product service or messaging of your brand.

Animated Presentations

Original presentations with animated and motion elements make presentations come alive and deepen engagement with your audience.

Motion Ads

Animated digital advertising for different online channels and platforms to help sell a product, service or attract new business with improved click-through rates.

Animated Logos

Custom-designed logos with animation and motion inject story or messaging into your logo to capture your target audience’s attention in a whole new way.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Motion graphic design is a subset of graphic design that uses graphic design principles in an animation or video production context. We use it as a richer way to communicate with the viewer and add depth to the story and message in the form of motion graphics. Through an exceptional combination of motion, graphic design, and sound we create a perfect marriage of full-range Motion Design.

Motion design takes a variety of forms, while some are entirely animated, others incorporate video footage. The latter may include animation overlays, such as data visualizations, icons, illustrations, and explanatory text used to complement and enhance audiences’ understanding of the content. Explainer motion graphics seek to educate on a product, process, or concept while emotive motion graphics aim to inspire a particular emotional response in audiences. Promotional motion graphics on the other hand are used to raise awareness about a service, product, or initiative.

Motion design increases engagement and boosts marketing and storytelling efforts. It is attention-grabbing and humans are wired to take notice. When paired with great writing, storytelling, and visuals, motion design can lead to significantly higher performance of ads in this format. Motion content also receives technical boosts in algorithms for social media feeds and search engines while video increases the amount of time spent on a page dramatically— 96% of consumers find videos helpful when shopping. Motion versus static ad tests across Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon saw on average 1.5x more clicks on motion ads compared to static ads and marketing campaigns even see an increase in revenue of 49% faster. Plus, emails with videos have a 200 – 300% higher click-through rate than static email designs.

Motion graphic design has a significant positive effect on your digital and social engagement for your brand. Not only has it a proven track record of improving your digital ad performance, it simply elevates you above the competition. Not convinced yet? Follow in the footsteps of Puma, Toyota, and other brands for whom we do motion design by giving us a call

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