E-Commerce Definition

Its definition: It is the process of selling, buying or exchanging products, services and information using an internal or external Internet.

E-Business Definition

The broadest definition includes serving customers, cooperating with business partners, and conducting electronic transactions within the organization as well as the process of exchanging, selling or buying products, services and information.

E-marketplace Definition

It is a market where buyers and sellers meet to exchange goods, services, money and information via the Internet.


A local network within a company or government that uses Internet tools such as: browsers and the Internet Protocol.


A network that uses the Internet to connect a group of internal networks.

Social Computing

It is a computerized system that includes social interactions and behaviors using a set of tools such as blogs, wikis, social networks, and others. It focuses on improving cooperation and interaction between people. As for its role in e-commerce, it allows people to work together, communicate with experts, and learn about products recommended by their friends.

Social Network

A class of Internet applications that help connect friends, business partners, or individuals with specific interests by providing free services such as photo viewing, e-mail, and blogging.

Social Commerce

They are e-commerce activities that are carried out through social networks or social programs such as: Web applications 2.

virtual reality

A three-dimensional computer simulation, users of the virtual world have what is called a virtual character “Avatar”, through these virtual characters the user can interact with the virtual environment such as building or sharing places, cars and many other items. The most famous example of a virtual world is “SECOND LIFE”.