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Search of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most neglected areas of electronic marketing in the Arab world, even though it is the first means used for marketing via websites. The first email message to market a product was sent in Amman in 1978, that is, a very long time before the emergence of search engines and social media platforms. The day it started with Gary Thuerk

The marketing manager at Digital Equipmention sent an email to 400 people at once.We will review below on Al-Homsi’s website the definition and the most prominent strategies and platforms used in it.

Definition of email marketing

It is direct electronic marketing that relies on sending messages aimed at increasing the percentage of sales or the percentage of page views, depending on the nature of the site organizing the marketing campaign. Too many email marketing messages or writing them in an inappropriate way often leads to them being marked as spam, and this is what makes many people confuse email marketing with spam.

The importance of email marketing:

Various digital marketing methods are considered one of the main tools for companies and businesses to attract new customers and stay in touch with existing customers. Among these effective methods, email marketing is one of the most important modern marketing strategies, as it has many benefits and importance that we must realize.

What is the benefit of email marketing?

Direct access to customers

Email marketing campaigns provide companies and businesses with a unique opportunity to directly reach customers. You can send direct marketing messages to customers who may be interested in your products or services. This increases the chance of converting them into actual customers.

Directing presentations and guidance in effective ways

Through email marketing, you can direct your offers and discounts directly to customers. You can send newsletters or personal emails to existing customers and inform them of the latest offers and promotional campaigns you offer. This gives you greater control over how to deliver your message and increases the chance of attracting customer attention.

Strengthen the connection with customers

With so many digital media outlets, it is difficult for customers to stay in touch with brands. An email marketing strategy helps build a close and long-term relationship with customers, as you can provide valuable, entertaining content and provide useful information and updates about your products and services regularly.

Increase traffic and sales

By using email marketing correctly, you can increase traffic to your website and thus increase the chances of a sale. You can also include direct links to your products and services in your emails.

Analyze the effectiveness of campaigns

Through email, you can easily measure the success of your marketing campaigns. You can track the email open rate, click rate, interest rate, and revenue generated. This information helps you evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns and better target the ideal audience.

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Email marketing strategies

There are several methods you should do when you are marketing via email:

email marketing
email marketing

First: Who is your target audience?

Research well about your target audience and discover their personalities and purchasing nature in choosing products and how your products will add value to their lives. Obtain their mail addresses so that you can send them special mailings. For example, if you offer children’s clothing, your target audience is mothers. To learn how to discover your target audience, read the Afzal blog. Electronic marketing strategies.

Second: What is the appropriate day and time to publish messages:

According to a study conducted by Omni Send, a platform that helps automate campaigns, it helps automate multi-channel promotional campaigns, meaning that it does not only work on sending emails, but also works on sending text messages and social media messages.

Third: Divide the customer list into categories:

Dividing the customer list into categories, such as the list of new customers and the list of important customers, and creating custom content targeting each category separately greatly affects customer interaction with messages.

Fourth: Using templates for email campaigns:

E-mail templates are pre-designed e-mail message templates that anyone can use. You can easily create new messages or rewrite messages. You can use many tools that provide many ready-to-use templates, such as Zoho, Mailchimp, and other templates.

Best Email marketing tolls and platforms:

We have five platforms to build your online store by Sultan Choosing the appropriate platform to create an online store represents an essential part of the success of the e-commerce process, as the platform contributes greatly to providing the elements of success for the store, facilitating expansion, and automating repetitive tasks easily. Many companies may compete to build effective platforms. To provide the service of building an online store quickly within minutes, these platforms vary in the features they offer. In this article, we will talk about the five best free email marketing platforms that can be relied upon in building your online store.

Shopify platform

Shopify is the dominant platform in the world of commerce, and more than a million dynamic, effective electronic sources around the world depend on it. Shopify provides various tools in one platform that enable merchants to create effective online stores with different options and in a very short time. The platform has the largest share of the number of electronic stores around the world. .

BigCommerce platform

Which seeks to lead a new era of secure and easily scalable e-commerce for companies and major stores, the platform helped Merchants’ sales turnover exceeds $17 billion in 120 different countries. The platform provides a wide and large network of partners who provide various services to help store owners achieve their goals, such as design, development and marketing services.

WooCommerce platform

According to the platform’s website, this platform is considered the most popular platform on the Internet, and more than 28% of online stores rely on it. It is open source and fully customizable, and the platform is built primarily on WordPress.

The platform provides an ideal solution for completing the sales process through websites that rely on WordPress, the world’s most famous content management system, and since the platform is open source, more than 350 developers around the world contribute to its development.

Basket platform

Basket is an electronic platform with an Arabic interface for creating electronic stores to sell products on websites, based on a variety of effective tools and partners who take care of shipping and delivery operations. Basket allows users to create effective electronic stores within a few minutes and facilitates the process of managing products and inventory, in addition to supporting all methods. Payment, according to the Salla website, since the platform was established, it has been used to buy and sell with a value of more than 168 million, and it is currently used by more than 8 thousand store owners.

Z platform

This company was established in 2017. This company aims to enable the retail sector to enter the world of electronic retail in an easy and professional way. More than 1,200 retailers in 14 different sectors rely on the platform and cooperate with more than 16 partners to provide effective shipping services with high quality. Z Company enables retailers. From creating online stores in a few minutes through an easy-to-use control panel and multiple options that suit different sectors.

Disadvantages of email marketing:

E-marketing, like many tools that rely on modern technology, has a wide range of advantages and disadvantages, and the goal here is to win with what it offers and avoid those disadvantages. There are some disadvantages that customers can face when using digital marketing, including:

First: Reliance on technology:

E-marketing depends entirely on technology and the Internet, which is one of the negatives of e-marketing because in the event of an Internet outage, your entire business could be exposed to danger.

Second: Fierce competition:

When you launch a new product online, you face fierce global competition due to the large number of similar products that can be accessed from different parts of the world.

Third: Privacy and security issues:

Electronic marketing makes your data available to everyone, which causes major privacy and security problems, so you must be very careful about what is published on websites.

Fourth: High maintenance costs:

Technology is evolving dramatically and rapidly, which leads to an urgent need to make developments on websites, which may sometimes require large sums of money.


What is email marketing?

These strategies and techniques that use the Internet to reach target customers are known as e-marketing, which aims to attract millions of Internet users, whether through mobile phones, computers, laptops, or tablets.

How do I start an email marketer?

We have several steps for the success of the email marketing process.

  • First: knowing the target audience
  • Second: Formulating the text of the advertising message so that it contains information that is not required, but rather information that is attractive and brief at the same time.
  • Third: Choosing the appropriate time for the advertising message, such as sending the message at the time of promotional campaigns, seasonal sales, or announcing new and improved products and services.

Email marketing examples platforms?

  • The Mailchimp platform includes the main features of Mailchimp.
  • Constant platform.
  • Convertkit platform
  • GetResponse platform.
  • ActivCampaing platform.
  • Aweber platform.
  • Mailer ite platform.
  • Omnisend platform.


Many merchants may neglect to use email marketing as a way to increase sales. Recently, email has made its way from being just a means of communication to becoming an indispensable electronic marketing method.

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