Social media marketing strategies examples

What are social media marketing strategies for 2024?

Social media marketing strategies are essential and very important in the current era of technology, as they help companies reach their target audience and enhance brand awareness.  As these strategies can contribute very significantly to the success of a business, On the Al-Homsi Company website, we will provide you an effective tips on electronic marketing strategies for the success of your marketing campaign on social media sites. 

Social media marketing strategies examples 

Social media marketing strategies are one of the best ways to market products and services at the present time.  Due to the increasing number of followers within it, for this reason, the intensity of competition between companies that want to market their products through it is increasing.

What are 8 social media digital marketing strategies?:

Create a branded hashtag on your content

You should put your hashtag on social media sites.  Your marketing content may help you gain a large number of followers, and classifications help collect similar content in the same specialty and classify posts according to the topic they contain and the campaign to which they belong.

 The hashtag also uses trademarks to promote products, services, projects, and businesses within them.

Video marketing 

One of the best methods of promotion is live video marketing, especially Facebook, because viewers prefer video more than reading.

Marketing video on Facebook builds credibility and trust between the consumer and the brand and increases awareness of the company and the brand.

Take advantage of Instagram Stories in your marketing plan

The Instagram story in marketing plans through social media sites promotes the brand effectively.  This strategy is one of the effective marketing methods that has led to great success on Instagram because it is based on showing what is happening behind the scenes. You can also display customers’ experiences with the company and encourage them to purchase the product by offering rewards to existing customers.

Create useful content about your products on social media sites:

 When writing content or making a marketing video for your products, you should focus on increasing your customers’ awareness of the product and educating them by providing useful information about the product.

 Paid marketing ads, Facebook ads and Twitter ads

The best way to market products and services is paid advertising, as it is an effective electronic promotion method as it helps reach potential customers and introduces them to the available product or service.

Use an influencer marketing strategy

Influencer marketing is considered one of the best marketing ideas through social media, as it cooperates with influencers who are active in the same field and have large numbers of followers to promote the product.

 It varies between hundreds and thousands of followers to ask them to promote your products in more than one way. One of these methods is to encourage their followers to buy them or by trying them out and providing a review about them, but this will be in exchange for providing something that may be a sum of money, free products, etc.

Use customer referral programs 

This strategy contributes to attracting a large number of new customers to you, in exchange for customers getting your discounts by writing a post explaining their new experiences in purchasing your product.

Boost social profiles via seo 

Using keywords to describe your profile and titles on social media can improve your page’s SEO.  Put your target words and phrases on your resume and in all your accounts, and you should check your account on Google business listings.

 Always maintain an active presence on social media

 Always try to keep your social media profile updated and also respond to customer comments.

Then post content about your business regularly and reference high-quality images, videos, and GIFs in posts to increase engagement.

Interact with followers 

 Maintain mutual interaction, but be careful when responding to their comments, and you also comment on their posts. This helps you strengthen your relationships with your followers, after which they will be transformed from your followers into ambassadors for your brand. 

 When you address them, you must speak in a special and appropriate language that will keep them from buying your products.

Organizing competitions and asking questions

social media marketing strategies

social media marketing strategies

This can be implemented by offering contests and gifts. Through social media marketing, you can offer gifts to the winners by asking contests or questions. This is in exchange for interacting with or sharing your posts, so you must find more than one way to communicate with the people who won the award.

 This increases the enthusiasm of your followers and attracts them to interact with you passionately. It also attracts new followers and increases public awareness of the brand, thus spreading your posts and your brand primarily by relying on likes and follows to measure the quality and importance of posts.

 You can also request some information from followers in exchange for participating in the competition, such as their email addresses, to add them later to the mailing list and use them in email marketing.

Email marketing

Send emails to customers to introduce your products, offers, and features.

Encourage customers to provide reviews

You should encourage customers to submit reviews about your products on your page to get many followers on social media. 

Conduct a dialogue with the audience 

The method of asking questions is considered one of the good methods of marketing because it may increase the audience’s interaction with you through social media platforms. This is why you must open dialogues with the audience so that they feel that you care about their opinions and comments and ask them questions to promote a new product by offering prizes for correct answers.

 Link the website to all your social media profiles

 This method attracts the audience to communicate with the company.

Study audience activity on platforms

For example, your target audience may be active on Facebook in the morning and at night, while appearing less during the afternoon and late night.


 Among the most common questions about marketing strategies on social media sites are: 

How can Social media management?

 Through the following steps:

  •  Correctly define goals and target audience 
  •  Choosing the appropriate channels to communicate with the target audience
  •  Create diverse and engaging content
  •  Interaction and rapid response 
  •  Use of analytical tools.

 What are social marketing strategies?

 Word of mouth marketing, relationship marketing, social media marketing, blogging, marketing campaigns.

 How is marketing done through social media?

 By creating important and attractive content and sharing it on social media platforms, the goal is to attract and interact with users and make them interact with the products or services being promoted.

 What is social media plan for marketing?

  • First: Make the content suitable for each platform
  • Second: Publish a diverse topic
  • Third: Determine publishing times.


Social media marketing strategies have proven to be one of the effective and inexpensive means to increase sales, accelerate business growth, and attract customers as well. You will achieve success if you take advantage of these strategies within your marketing work to promote your products.

Electronic marketing strategies

The best Electronic marketing strategies

Electronic marketing strategies are essential in the age of technology as they help companies reach the target audience and enhance brand awareness.  These strategies can also contribute significantly to the success of the business.

On the Al-Homsi Company website,  Below we review the most prominent strategies used in implementing an electronic marketing plan.

Electronic marketing strategies

There are many Electronic marketing strategies that you can use to achieve the best results, most notably:

Content marketing strategy

 It is one of the best ways to interact with customers and attract their attention. By creating valuable and useful content, you can provide real value to customers and build a strong relationship between you and them.


 It is considered a crucial marketing strategy to increase brand visibility and attract a lot of potential customers.  By improving website content and pages, improving keywords, building links, and improving user experiences.  It also focuses on creating high-quality, easy-to-read content that solves the problems of the target audience.

 Send emails 

 It is considered one of the most important e-marketing strategies, as you can create very powerful e-mail campaigns to communicate with existing customers and attract new ones.  Also, using email sends special offers and exclusive content to increase sales and build brand loyalty.

They can be used to communicate with customers, provide new offers and information, and increase sales. Email messages must be of high quality and personal to achieve the best results.

 Marketing strategy to describe a content format 

 One of the effective strategies for successful electronic marketing is to create valuable and useful content for customers to increase brand awareness and build relationships to improve search engines, enhance the ranking of website pages and increase their appearance in search results. 

 Mechanism for developing an electronic marketing strategy

Electronic marketing strategies

Electronic marketing strategies

 To achieve the highest profit on the Internet, you must develop an effective marketing plan, and this can be done by following the following:

  •  Defining the work mission: Knowing the desired goal better clarifies the vision and also allows choosing the appropriate strategy.
  •  Determine key performance indicators, that is, identify the individual indicators that measure the elements of the marketing campaign. This is done by setting short-term goals that are guaranteed to be achieved before setting others.
  •  Study the target audience by identifying the purchasing mentality of the target audience to verify the marketing of the product directly, and thus attract more potential customers.
  •  Setting a budget for the marketing campaign, not exceeding it, and following up on sales indicators and analyzing them to determine the success of the plan.


 Among the most common questions about Electronic marketing strategies are: 

How can social media be used to achieve the success of a marketing strategy?

  • Correctly define goals and target audience.
  • Choosing the appropriate channels to communicate with the target audience. 
  • Create diverse and engaging content.
  •  Interaction and rapid response.
  •  Use of analytical tools.

 What are the most important e-marketing strategies?

  •  First: word-of-mouth marketing. 
  •  Second: Relationship marketing.
  •  Third: Marketing via social media sites.
  •  Fourth: Blogs.
  •  Fifth: Marketing campaigns.

 How is marketing done through social media?

 Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms, for example: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., to market services and products.  This type of marketing also includes creating content that attracts customers’ attention and sharing it on social media platforms with the intention of attracting and interacting with users to make them interact with the products or services that can be promoted.

 How can purposeful content be marketed on social media platforms?

  •  First: Make the content appropriate for each platform you use.
  •  Second: Publish a diverse topic.
  •  Third: Determine publishing times.


 Following the best Electronic marketing strategies helps in the success of various business activities. It works to gain trust among customers, increases sales volume, and creates two-way communication. Moreover, it effectively promotes the brand in the market.

Electronic marketing

Electronic marketing: Concept, types, forms

In our current era, technology converges with business, as marketing has become more than just a strategy. It is the most advanced way to build a business relationship and attract an audience.

In this article from homsi website, we will talk about the world of marketing in all its details and various aspects, and we will expand by talking in particular about the basic conditions that any commercial company must adhere to to ensure its success. We will also learn about the secrets of marketing success in order to reach the top.

Marketing concept

It is a complex process that has several aspects that analyze the market, identify the available opportunity, and exploit it effectively to enhance the position of brands. Marketing includes trends, behaviors, and conducting research to determine the audience that is being targeted and understanding all of their requirements. Thus, marketing becomes a constant journey that leads to research and development to build a very strong relationship based on… Trust and loyalty between customers and the brand.

Marketing objectives

Marketing has several strategic objectives, the most prominent of which are:

Increasing brand awareness: This item aims to familiarize the public with the brand and consolidate its image in their minds.

Attracting new customers: Effective strategies are applied targeting specific categories of audience.

Building a long-term relationship: through constant communication with customers and achieving their satisfaction and loyalty.

Increasing sales: by running specialized promotional campaigns that contribute to achieving significant growth in imports.

These goals are considered the foundation of any successful marketing strategy.

Types of electronic marketing

The most prominent types of electronic marketing are:

Electronic marketing
Electronic marketing

Traditional Marketing:

It is considered a type of marketing that relies on traditional means, for example: television advertisements, newspapers, radio, magazines, advertising banners, and newsletters. This type of marketing is characterized by the ability to reach a wide audience of all age levels.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing has found its place as a major tool for promoting brands and products online. This includes search engines, electronic marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and affiliate marketing. This type is characterized by flexibility and the ability to target specific categories of audience with high precision.

Social Marketing:

With the advancement of social awareness, a special type of marketing has emerged. This type of marketing aims to influence behaviors to achieve a social good and not just to achieve profits. It uses attractive means to encourage consumers to take actions that help improve society.

Trade Marketing:

It is the heart of the activity and its backbone includes the methods and strategies that companies use to diversify offers. Marketing has become multi-faceted and multi-types. Marketing also relies on data to formulate effective strategies that influence consumer behaviors and decisions.

Practical marketing:

It applies theoretical concepts and strategies in a direct and effective way in the market. This type includes understanding the audience, developing products that meet their needs, determining appropriate prices, choosing effective channels for distribution, and formulating advertising messages that reach customers with high efficiency.

Personal Marketing:

This type of marketing is an important element in building professional relationships to achieve great success in professional life. This type of marketing is also based on promoting skills and abilities and building a good personal reputation. It also depends on the principle of self-marketing, and its importance is complemented by the fact that it helps individuals stand out in the labor market, which becomes more competitive every day.

Marketing departments in companies

Marketing departments in companies are represented by the following points:

Responding to customer needs:

The basis of marketing is responding to customer needs and desires. Therefore, this section of marketing pays attention to everything that happens in the market and identifies the problems that customers face. This is done by preparing various briefs from clients and thus creating discussions and news.

Preparing and managing marketing campaigns:

This department works in a certain period to prepare and manage marketing campaigns according to plans that are made in advance. Thus, marketing campaigns also include a series of marketing initiatives that take place during a specific period of time and have specific goals as well. Marketing department employees must also be fully aware of all aspects of marketing and methods of managing marketing campaigns in order to ensure that all things are in the right place.

Marketing management on social media sites:

This section of the marketing department focuses on the marketing process itself through the use of social networking sites due to the spread of social sites in the last stage and their development greatly and very quickly. This marketing department also undertakes marketing operations by identifying notes, comments, ideas, and suggestions provided by customers on social media sites, in addition to constantly interacting with customers and answering all their inquiries and requests that they submit.

Monitor competitors:

The marketing department in companies may bear the responsibility of monitoring competitors so that rapid reaction takes place at the appropriate time based on and analysis of all information related to competitors. He must also monitor recent trends related to new products offered by competitors and other important commercial information on which he bases his future decisions in the company.

Brand building and management:

This marketing department in the company works on building brands to manage the company. The department may choose the brand image and the appropriate way to communicate it to the public. Branding involves creating logos, choosing colors, font preferences, and other branding-related matters.

Market trends analysis:

Different marketing departments in companies may conduct various market researches to determine customer interests. So that department employees collect data and conduct To analyze and prepare various reports that are submitted to management and discussed.

Preparing marketing content:

Marketing content and its preparation are considered one of the main tasks of marketing departments, as this department prepares various meetings to implement planning for marketing content and the method of preparing it. Marketing content is represented by many different marketing strategies and methods, for example: digital marketing, articles, advertisements, publications, promotional events, sponsorships, etc.

Types of digital marketing

The forms of digital marketing vary depending on the means used for promotion, and the most prominent forms are:

  • Social media marketing.
  • Influencer marketing
  • Affiliate marketing or commission.
  • Email marketing.
  • Content marketing.
  • SEO.
  • paid advertising.
  • Signal marketing word of mouth.
  • Event Marketing
  • Video Marketing.

common questions

What are the types of marketing?

Content marketing.

Search engine optimization.

Email marketing.

What are the departments of marketing management?

Director of Marketing.

Electronic marketing officer.

Content writer.

Advertising campaigns officer.

Marketing Representative.

Marketing analyst.

Marketing research officer.

Search Engine Optimization Officer.

Customer response officer.

Planning Officer. And marketing strategies.

Director of Marketing.

What are the best marketing methods?

Email marketing enables you to direct your offers directly to customers. You can send newsletters or personal emails to existing customers and inform them of the latest offers and promotional campaigns that you offer. This gives you greater control over how to deliver your message and increases the chance of attracting customers’ attention.

 What is the main goal of marketing?

  • First: The research process to study the product, the market, and competitors, which is the most important stage before starting to develop strategies or actual marketing.
  • Second: Develop clear and organized strategic plans that must be easy to measure in order to set goals.
  • Third: Knowledge and continuous learning.
  • Fourth: Focus on content and delivering information in an attractive, easy and simple way, which increases the customer’s knowledge about the product further.
  • Fifth: Permanent and continuous analysis of the company and competitors regarding what is happening on the Internet sites and exploiting their weaknesses.


There is no right or wrong way to market the business you do as long as it leads to interaction and communication with the audience you want. Many companies use one, a few, or many types of marketing to promote their message. In the end, you will need an option that best suits buyers, budget, and resources. And your marketing goals.

Marketing via sociale media platforms

The Social media marketing guides

marketing via social media sites contributes to the electronic marketing process to ensure that the desired image is delivered to customers who use these sites daily in a large and massive way, and are affected in their purchases by what is circulated in them, which requires the company to ensure its follow-up and constant and regular presence in it to ensure maximizing the benefit from the advantages of this type of marketing. We will review below on Al-Homsi’s website the definition and the most prominent strategies and platforms used in it.

Definition of marketing via social media sites

marketing via social media sites is one of the types that tends to gain visitors to your website or product by attracting their attention through social media sites and social networks in order to reach customers automatically without the urgent need to update or publish content manually.

The importance and Benefits of social media marketing

The importance of marketing via social media sites is represented in increasing the number of customers for each business activity. By creating content and publishing it on various social media sites, which helps to reach different products and services to the target group

for each company, which works to increase the number of customers significantly and exchange mutual trust between the company and its customers. Marketing is also done via social media using a set of practices and procedures that contribute to reaching the target group very quickly.

Social media marketing strategy

Marketing via sociale media platforms
Marketing via sociale media platforms

Social media marketing strategies are essential in the age of digital technology as they help some companies reach their target audience and enhance brand awareness in 2003. These strategies also contribute significantly to the success of businesses today, as they help reach their target audience and enhance brand awareness. These strategies can also contribute significantly to the success of a business. The best of these strategies are:

  • Content Marketing: It requires creating very useful content for customers and enables you to create articles, blogs and other media materials that provide the audience with useful information that helps solve their problems.
  •  Search Engine Optimization: This strategy plays an important and vital role in increasing the brand and attracting many customers. You can also improve your web pages on websites to improve keywords, build links and improve the user experience.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is one of the most important and powerful marketing tools that can be used through social media. You can send emails to communicate with customers and provide offers and information. Emails must be of high quality. High to achieve the best results.

The impact of marketing through social media

Social media plays a major role in promoting various commercial activities, so we will talk about the impact of social media in marketing

through several points:

● Enhancing brand awareness: The brand is the logo of every

company and is a distinctive means of ideal promotion for commercial activities, so social media enhances brand awareness in the market in a very

significant way.

● Customer generation: The impact of social media on marketing is that it helps to

increase traffic for each activity and the ability to convert temporary customers to permanent ones and gain their trust in the fastest time.

● Low marketing costs: Marketing through social media is one of the means

that is characterized by its low cost compared to other means.

● Direct contact with customers: Among the impact of social media is that it creates other contact with

customers, as it is possible through social media sites to respond directly to customers and enhance complete trust

between customers and the company.

● Knowing customer opinions: Through social media, you can learn about customer opinions and evaluations of services or products and work on developing them to suit all their needs.

Electronic tools and Social media marketing platforms

Marketing tools are technical tools and are the right hand and main assistant in the marketing process. The most important of these tools are:

Google Search

This is the first marketing tool to be relied upon in the field of electronic marketing and it is a free tool affiliated with the Google search engine.

Google Analytics

This is also a free tool provided by Google and is characterized by being more in-depth than its predecessor in analyzing sites and user activity.

Page Speed ​​Insights 

This is also a free tool affiliated with Google and is used to measure page loading speed, which is an essential element of the elements affecting the user experience of websites.


is a paid tool with some features, It is characterized by its ability to crawl and follow internal and external links and analyze competitors

And know the deficiency of content

Screaming Frog

It is a marketing tool that is characterized as a powerful tool for social media sites that detects

Errors, their locations and the nature of their severity, in addition to issuing sufficient reports about them with just the click of a button.


This tool allows us to monitor customers step by step with ease and analyzes all customer visits to your site and tracks them in detail.


This tool is characterized by giving the user very detailed data regarding keywords and synonyms in addition to the feature of analyzing pay-per-click campaigns only

And monitoring the brand’s performance in the market and analyzing its different reactions.

Advantages and disadvantages of marketing through social networking sites

Social networking sites are known as a means of communication through which the user can create an account that enables him to communicate via the Internet to share information and ideas and others. 

Advantages of social networking sites

These sites have several advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Providing opportunities for young people to express their ideas and opinions: The world has become largely connected in light of social networking sites and blogs, where anyone can easily express their ideas And gather those interested in it from all over the world.
  • Getting support and participation: Simply sharing a person’s problems and expressing them and getting support from others makes it easier for the person to overcome the experience better.
  • Getting job opportunities and marketing themselves: According to recent statistics, 6.5 million job opportunities have been announced on .com sites, which is an example of professional social networking platforms. Companies have also started using it as a tool to attract employees from all over the world.
  • Opening new and great horizons for pioneering ideas: Social networking sites are considered the most important marketing tool used by large companies and owners of new ideas to market their products and services. This is called electronic marketing via social networking sites.
  • Creating job opportunities and the emergence of new career paths: There are now opportunities for full-time or part-time work that many young people can do, such as (marketing content writer, social media marketing specialist, graphic designer specialized in designing advertisements for products on social media platforms.
  • Constant contact with the world: In previous years, there was no opportunity to communicate with family or friends in other countries, but now we can easily communicate with anyone anywhere, which opens up large areas for work and taking information from everywhere.

As we talked about the advantages of marketing via social media, there are also some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Social networking sites

The most important of disadvantages are:

  • Addiction: According to the latest statistics that were mentioned in one of the magazines, many adolescents between the ages of 13-18 spend about 9 hours a day using social media, and this has a significant and negative impact on other aspects of life.
  • Social isolation and the illusion of virtual communication: We may sometimes find members of the same family in the same house communicating with each other through social media, and we may find individuals spending many hours using Phones without any personal and effective communication and everyone is satisfied with virtual communication only.
  • Monitoring the conditions of others and looking at manifestations of luxury: This may cause frustration and despair
  • For some from the frequent following of celebrities and influencers and their news.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the basics of marketing via social media?

Strategy, planning and publishing, interaction and participation, analysis and measuring results, advertising.

  • What are the benefits of marketing via social media?

One of the benefits of marketing via social media is that it provides free and paid advertising methods that expand the circle of communication with a large number of customers around the world.

  • How do I market a product on social media?

You can market on social media through several points, the most important of which are: setting goals, identifying social media platforms, developing a marketing plan, developing business accounts, communicating with others, measuring performance results.


The impact of social media on marketing has a very large and huge role in the success of any

commercial activities as it gains customer confidence, increases sales volume and creates communication with

promoting the brand in the market, so we must deal with the best

electronic marketing companies such as Tech Village, a leader in this field.

E-mail marketing

Zoek naar E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is een van de meest verwaarloosde gebieden van elektronische marketing in de Arabische wereld, ook al is het het eerste middel dat wordt gebruikt voor marketing via websites. Het eerste e-mailbericht om een ​​product op de markt te brengen werd in 1978 in Amman verzonden, dat wil zeggen heel lang vóór de opkomst van zoekmachines en sociale-mediaplatforms. De dag dat het begon met Gary Thuerk

De marketingmanager bij Digital Equipmention stuurde in één keer een e-mail naar 400 mensen. We zullen het hieronder beoordelen op de Al-Homsi  bespreken we de definitie ervan en de meest prominente strategieën en platforms die daarin worden gebruikt.

Definitie van e-mailmarketing

Het is directe elektronische marketing die afhankelijk is van het verzenden van berichten die gericht zijn op het verhogen van het percentage verkopen of het percentage paginaweergaven, afhankelijk van de aard van de site die de marketingcampagne organiseert. Te veel e-mail marketing berichten of het op een ongepaste manier schrijven ervan leidt er vaak toe dat ze als spam worden gemarkeerd. Dit is de reden dat veel mensen e-mailmarketing met spam verwarren. Wat is het voordeel van e-mailmarketing?

Het belang van e-mail marketing:

Verschillende digitale marketing methoden worden beschouwd als een van de belangrijkste hulpmiddelen voor bedrijven en bedrijven om nieuwe klanten aan te trekken en in contact te blijven met bestaande klanten. Van deze effectieve methoden is e-mailmarketing een van de belangrijkste moderne marketingstrategieën, omdat het veel voordelen en belang heeft die we ons moeten realiseren.

Wat is het voordeel van e-mail marketing?

Directe toegang tot klanten

E-mail marketing campagnes bieden bedrijven en bedrijven een unieke kans om klanten rechtstreeks te bereiken. U kunt direct marketing berichten sturen naar klanten die mogelijk geïnteresseerd zijn in uw producten of diensten. Dit vergroot de kans om ze om te zetten in daadwerkelijke klanten.

Het op effectieve wijze leiden van presentaties en begeleiding

Via e-mailmarketing kunt u uw aanbiedingen en kortingen rechtstreeks naar klanten sturen. U kunt nieuwsbrieven of persoonlijke e-mails naar bestaande klanten sturen en hen op de hoogte stellen van de nieuwste aanbiedingen en promotiecampagnes die u aanbiedt. Dit geeft u meer controle over hoe u uw boodschap overbrengt en vergroot de kans om de aandacht van klanten te trekken.

Versterk de verbinding met klanten

Met zoveel digitale mediakanalen is het voor klanten moeilijk om in contact te blijven met merken. Een e-mailmarketingstrategie helpt bij het opbouwen van een hechte en langdurige relatie met klanten, omdat u waardevolle, onderhoudende inhoud kunt bieden en regelmatig nuttige informatie en updates over uw producten en diensten kunt verstrekken.

Verhoog het verkeer en de omzet

Door e-mailmarketing op de juiste manier in te zetten, kunt u het verkeer naar uw website vergroten en daarmee de kans op een verkoop vergroten. U kunt ook directe links naar uw producten en diensten in uw e-mails opnemen.

Analyseer de effectiviteit van campagnes

Via e-mail kunt u eenvoudig het succes van uw marketing campagnes meten. U kunt het openingspercentage van e-mails, het klikpercentage, het rentepercentage en de gegenereerde inkomsten volgen. Met deze informatie kunt u de effectiviteit van hun campagnes evalueren en de ideale doelgroep beter targeten.

Read more: search of email marketing

E-mail marketing strategieën:

Er zijn verschillende methoden die u kunt gebruiken als u via e-mail marketing aanbiedt.

E-mail marketing

Ten eerste: Wie is je doelgroep?

Doe goed onderzoek naar uw doelgroep en ontdek hun persoonlijkheid en aankoopkarakter bij het kiezen van producten en hoe uw producten waarde aan hun leven zullen toevoegen. Zorg ervoor dat u hun e-mailadressen verkrijgt, zodat u hen speciale mailings kunt sturen. Als u bijvoorbeeld kinderkleding aanbiedt, bestaat uw doelgroep uit moeders. Lees de Afzal-blog om te leren hoe u uw doelgroep kunt ontdekken. Elektronische marketingstrategieën.

Ten tweede: Wat is de juiste dag en tijd om berichten te publiceren:

Volgens een onderzoek van Omni Send, een platform dat campagnes helpt automatiseren, helpt het bij het automatiseren van multi-channel promotiecampagnes, wat betekent dat het niet alleen werkt aan het verzenden van e-mails, maar ook aan het verzenden van sms-berichten en sociale media-berichten.

Ten derde: Verdeel de klantenlijst in categorieën:

Het verdelen van de klantenlijst in categorieën, zoals de lijst met nieuwe klanten en de lijst met belangrijke klanten, en het creëren van aangepaste inhoud die elke categorie afzonderlijk target, heeft een grote invloed op de interactie van de klant met berichten.

Ten vierde: Sjablonen gebruiken voor e-mailcampagnes:

E-mail sjablonen zijn vooraf ontworpen sjablonen voor e-mailberichten die iedereen kan gebruiken. U kunt eenvoudig nieuwe berichten maken of berichten herschrijven. U kunt veel tools gebruiken die veel kant-en-klare sjablonen bieden, zoals Zoho, Mailchimp en andere sjablonen.

Email marketing software and platforms:

We hebben vijf platforms om uw online winkel te bouwen door Sultan. Het kiezen van het juiste platform om een ​​online winkel te creëren vertegenwoordigt een essentieel onderdeel van het succes van het e-commerce proces, omdat het platform in grote mate bijdraagt ​​aan het bieden van de succeselementen voor de winkel, waardoor uitbreiding en het eenvoudig automatiseren van repetitieve taken. Veel bedrijven kunnen concurreren om effectieve platforms te bouwen. Om de service te bieden om binnen enkele minuten snel een online winkel te bouwen, variëren deze platforms in de functies die ze bieden. In dit artikel zullen we het hebben over de vijf beste platforms waarop u kunt vertrouwen bij het bouwen van uw online winkel.


Shopify is het dominante platform in de handelswereld, en meer dan een miljoen dynamische, effectieve elektronische bronnen over de hele wereld zijn ervan afhankelijk. Shopify biedt verschillende tools op één platform waarmee verkopers in zeer korte tijd effectieve online winkels kunnen creëren met verschillende opties. Het platform heeft het grootste aandeel van het aantal elektronische winkels over de hele wereld. .


Het platform wil een nieuw tijdperk van veilige en gemakkelijk schaalbare e-commerce voor bedrijven en grote winkels inluiden en heeft ervoor gezorgd dat de omzet van Merchants in 120 verschillende landen de $17 miljard overschrijdt. Het platform biedt een breed en groot netwerk van partners die verschillende diensten leveren om winkeleigenaren te helpen hun doelen te bereiken, zoals ontwerp-, ontwikkelings- en marketingdiensten.


Volgens de website van het platform wordt dit platform beschouwd als het populairste platform op internet en vertrouwt meer dan 28% van de online winkels erop. Het is open source en volledig aanpasbaar, en het platform is voornamelijk gebouwd op WordPress.

Het platform biedt een ideale oplossing voor het voltooien van het verkoopproces via websites die afhankelijk zijn van WordPress, ‘s werelds beroemdste contentmanagementsysteem, en aangezien het platform open source is, dragen meer dan 350 ontwikkelaars over de hele wereld bij aan de ontwikkeling ervan.

Mand Platform

Basket is een elektronisch platform met een Arabische interface voor het creëren van elektronische winkels om producten op websites te verkopen, gebaseerd op een verscheidenheid aan effectieve tools en partners die zorgen voor verzending en levering. Basket stelt gebruikers in staat om binnen een paar minuten effectieve elektronische winkels te creëren en vergemakkelijkt het proces van het beheren van producten en inventaris, naast het ondersteunen van alle methoden. Betaling wordt volgens de Salla-website sinds de oprichting van het platform gebruikt om te kopen en verkopen met een waarde van meer dan 168 miljoen, en wordt momenteel gebruikt door meer dan 8.000 winkeleigenaren.


Dit bedrijf is opgericht in 2017. Dit bedrijf heeft als doel de retailsector op een gemakkelijke en professionele manier in staat te stellen de wereld van elektronische retail te betreden. Meer dan 1.200 retailers in 14 verschillende sectoren vertrouwen op het platform en werken samen met meer dan 16 partners om effectieve verzenddiensten van hoge kwaliteit te bieden. Z Company maakt retailers mogelijk. Van het creëren van online winkels in een paar minuten tot een eenvoudig te gebruiken controlepaneel en meerdere opties die geschikt zijn voor verschillende sectoren.

Nadelen van e-mailmarketing:

E-marketing heeft, net als veel andere tools die afhankelijk zijn van moderne technologie, een breed scala aan voor- en nadelen, en het doel hier is om te winnen met wat het biedt en die nadelen te vermijden. Er zijn enkele nadelen waarmee klanten te maken kunnen krijgen bij het gebruik van digitale marketing, waaronder:

Ten eerste: afhankelijkheid van technologie:

E-marketing is volledig afhankelijk van technologie en internet, wat een van de negatieve kanten van e-marketing is, omdat bij een internetstoring uw hele bedrijf aan gevaar kan worden blootgesteld.

Ten tweede: hevige concurrentie:

Wanneer u een nieuw product online lanceert, krijgt u te maken met hevige mondiale concurrentie vanwege het grote aantal vergelijkbare producten dat vanuit verschillende delen van de wereld toegankelijk is.

Ten derde: privacy- en beveiligingskwesties:

Elektronische marketing maakt uw gegevens voor iedereen beschikbaar, wat grote privacy- en veiligheidsproblemen veroorzaakt. U moet dus zeer voorzichtig zijn met wat er op websites wordt gepubliceerd.

Ten vierde: Hoge onderhoudskosten:

De technologie evolueert dramatisch en snel, wat leidt tot een dringende noodzaak om ontwikkelingen op websites door te voeren, waarvoor soms grote sommen geld nodig zijn.


Wat is e-mailmarketing?

Deze strategieën en technieken die internet gebruiken om doelgroepen te bereiken, staan ​​bekend als e-marketing, die tot doel heeft miljoenen internetgebruikers aan te trekken, hetzij via mobiele telefoons, computers, laptops of tablets.

Hoe beginnen met email marketing?

We hebben verschillende stappen voor het succes van het e-mailmarketingproces.

Ten eerste: het kennen van de doelgroep

Ten tweede: de tekst van de reclameboodschap zo formuleren dat deze informatie bevat die niet noodzakelijk is, maar informatie die tegelijkertijd aantrekkelijk en kort is.

Ten derde: het juiste tijdstip voor de reclameboodschap kiezen, zoals het verzenden van de boodschap tijdens promotiecampagnes, seizoensuitverkoop of het aankondigen van nieuwe en verbeterde producten en diensten.

Voorbeelden van e-mail marketing platforms?

  • Het Mailchimp-platform bevat de belangrijkste functies van Mailchimp.
  • Constant platform.
  • Convert kIt-platform
  • GetResponse-platform.
  • Activ Campaing-platform.
  • Aweber-platform.
  • Mailerite-platform.
  • Omnisend-platform.


Veel verkopers zullen nalaten e-mail marketing te gebruiken als een manier om de omzet te verhogen. De laatste tijd heeft e-mail zich ontwikkeld van slechts een communicatiemiddel tot een

email marketing

Search of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most neglected areas of electronic marketing in the Arab world, even though it is the first means used for marketing via websites. The first email message to market a product was sent in Amman in 1978, that is, a very long time before the emergence of search engines and social media platforms. The day it started with Gary Thuerk

The marketing manager at Digital Equipmention sent an email to 400 people at once.We will review below on Al-Homsi’s website the definition and the most prominent strategies and platforms used in it.

Definition of email marketing

It is direct electronic marketing that relies on sending messages aimed at increasing the percentage of sales or the percentage of page views, depending on the nature of the site organizing the marketing campaign. Too many email marketing messages or writing them in an inappropriate way often leads to them being marked as spam, and this is what makes many people confuse email marketing with spam.

The importance of email marketing:

Various digital marketing methods are considered one of the main tools for companies and businesses to attract new customers and stay in touch with existing customers. Among these effective methods, email marketing is one of the most important modern marketing strategies, as it has many benefits and importance that we must realize.

What is the benefit of email marketing?

Direct access to customers

Email marketing campaigns provide companies and businesses with a unique opportunity to directly reach customers. You can send direct marketing messages to customers who may be interested in your products or services. This increases the chance of converting them into actual customers.

Directing presentations and guidance in effective ways

Through email marketing, you can direct your offers and discounts directly to customers. You can send newsletters or personal emails to existing customers and inform them of the latest offers and promotional campaigns you offer. This gives you greater control over how to deliver your message and increases the chance of attracting customer attention.

Strengthen the connection with customers

With so many digital media outlets, it is difficult for customers to stay in touch with brands. An email marketing strategy helps build a close and long-term relationship with customers, as you can provide valuable, entertaining content and provide useful information and updates about your products and services regularly.

Increase traffic and sales

By using email marketing correctly, you can increase traffic to your website and thus increase the chances of a sale. You can also include direct links to your products and services in your emails.

Analyze the effectiveness of campaigns

Through email, you can easily measure the success of your marketing campaigns. You can track the email open rate, click rate, interest rate, and revenue generated. This information helps you evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns and better target the ideal audience.

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Email marketing strategies

There are several methods you should do when you are marketing via email:

email marketing
email marketing

First: Who is your target audience?

Research well about your target audience and discover their personalities and purchasing nature in choosing products and how your products will add value to their lives. Obtain their mail addresses so that you can send them special mailings. For example, if you offer children’s clothing, your target audience is mothers. To learn how to discover your target audience, read the Afzal blog. Electronic marketing strategies.

Second: What is the appropriate day and time to publish messages:

According to a study conducted by Omni Send, a platform that helps automate campaigns, it helps automate multi-channel promotional campaigns, meaning that it does not only work on sending emails, but also works on sending text messages and social media messages.

Third: Divide the customer list into categories:

Dividing the customer list into categories, such as the list of new customers and the list of important customers, and creating custom content targeting each category separately greatly affects customer interaction with messages.

Fourth: Using templates for email campaigns:

E-mail templates are pre-designed e-mail message templates that anyone can use. You can easily create new messages or rewrite messages. You can use many tools that provide many ready-to-use templates, such as Zoho, Mailchimp, and other templates.

Best Email marketing tolls and platforms:

We have five platforms to build your online store by Sultan Choosing the appropriate platform to create an online store represents an essential part of the success of the e-commerce process, as the platform contributes greatly to providing the elements of success for the store, facilitating expansion, and automating repetitive tasks easily. Many companies may compete to build effective platforms. To provide the service of building an online store quickly within minutes, these platforms vary in the features they offer. In this article, we will talk about the five best free email marketing platforms that can be relied upon in building your online store.

Shopify platform

Shopify is the dominant platform in the world of commerce, and more than a million dynamic, effective electronic sources around the world depend on it. Shopify provides various tools in one platform that enable merchants to create effective online stores with different options and in a very short time. The platform has the largest share of the number of electronic stores around the world. .

BigCommerce platform

Which seeks to lead a new era of secure and easily scalable e-commerce for companies and major stores, the platform helped Merchants’ sales turnover exceeds $17 billion in 120 different countries. The platform provides a wide and large network of partners who provide various services to help store owners achieve their goals, such as design, development and marketing services.

WooCommerce platform

According to the platform’s website, this platform is considered the most popular platform on the Internet, and more than 28% of online stores rely on it. It is open source and fully customizable, and the platform is built primarily on WordPress.

The platform provides an ideal solution for completing the sales process through websites that rely on WordPress, the world’s most famous content management system, and since the platform is open source, more than 350 developers around the world contribute to its development.

Basket platform

Basket is an electronic platform with an Arabic interface for creating electronic stores to sell products on websites, based on a variety of effective tools and partners who take care of shipping and delivery operations. Basket allows users to create effective electronic stores within a few minutes and facilitates the process of managing products and inventory, in addition to supporting all methods. Payment, according to the Salla website, since the platform was established, it has been used to buy and sell with a value of more than 168 million, and it is currently used by more than 8 thousand store owners.

Z platform

This company was established in 2017. This company aims to enable the retail sector to enter the world of electronic retail in an easy and professional way. More than 1,200 retailers in 14 different sectors rely on the platform and cooperate with more than 16 partners to provide effective shipping services with high quality. Z Company enables retailers. From creating online stores in a few minutes through an easy-to-use control panel and multiple options that suit different sectors.

Disadvantages of email marketing:

E-marketing, like many tools that rely on modern technology, has a wide range of advantages and disadvantages, and the goal here is to win with what it offers and avoid those disadvantages. There are some disadvantages that customers can face when using digital marketing, including:

First: Reliance on technology:

E-marketing depends entirely on technology and the Internet, which is one of the negatives of e-marketing because in the event of an Internet outage, your entire business could be exposed to danger.

Second: Fierce competition:

When you launch a new product online, you face fierce global competition due to the large number of similar products that can be accessed from different parts of the world.

Third: Privacy and security issues:

Electronic marketing makes your data available to everyone, which causes major privacy and security problems, so you must be very careful about what is published on websites.

Fourth: High maintenance costs:

Technology is evolving dramatically and rapidly, which leads to an urgent need to make developments on websites, which may sometimes require large sums of money.


What is email marketing?

These strategies and techniques that use the Internet to reach target customers are known as e-marketing, which aims to attract millions of Internet users, whether through mobile phones, computers, laptops, or tablets.

How do I start an email marketer?

We have several steps for the success of the email marketing process.

  • First: knowing the target audience
  • Second: Formulating the text of the advertising message so that it contains information that is not required, but rather information that is attractive and brief at the same time.
  • Third: Choosing the appropriate time for the advertising message, such as sending the message at the time of promotional campaigns, seasonal sales, or announcing new and improved products and services.

Email marketing examples platforms?

  • The Mailchimp platform includes the main features of Mailchimp.
  • Constant platform.
  • Convertkit platform
  • GetResponse platform.
  • ActivCampaing platform.
  • Aweber platform.
  • Mailer ite platform.
  • Omnisend platform.


Many merchants may neglect to use email marketing as a way to increase sales. Recently, email has made its way from being just a means of communication to becoming an indispensable electronic marketing method.

video marketing

Search for video marketing

Video marketing is considered one of the types of content marketing. It is a strategy that uses the power of video attraction to attract and interact with the audience and turn them into potential customers. Businesses make extensive use of video throughout the marketing funnel to reach audiences throughout the customer experience.

The latest statistics and figures show that 66% of customers and consumers consider short videos to be the most attractive type of content on various social media platforms. Therefore, 92% of marketers rely on videos because of their high return on investment and positive results in various marketing campaigns. We will review below on Al-Homsi’s website the concept of video marketing and the most prominent strategies for launching a video marketing campaign.

Video marketing concept

Video marketing is the use of videos to promote or inform your audience about your post and products. Brands can use video in various digital channels and formats, including their website, social media marketing, programmatic advertising, etc.

In other words, video marketing is a distinctive marketing mechanism that relies on using content in a distinctive way, in order to promote the brand or tell the audience a lot about your services and products. You can rely on Marketing video. If everyone agrees that a picture is worth a thousand words, then how important are videos?

This is considered the cornerstone of video marketing, as it makes delivering your marketing message and reaching your customers faster and with less effort. You can use video in many ways in your marketing plan and for more than one purpose, from building a relationship with the customer, promoting the experiences and testimonials of your customers, in addition to providing entertaining content that is easy to digest, has a deep impact, and spreads quickly.

Types of video marketing

The owner of any business always strives to establish awareness of his brand and broadcast his marketing message in the hearts of his target customers, in order to earn more profits and achieve the highest sales. Through Marketing video, you can promote your products or services through different types of marketing videos, which we will learn about below:

  • Visual marketing.
  • Educational content.
  • Formal interviews.
  • Customer opinions.
  • Video marketing ads for products.

The importance of video marketing

video marketing
video marketing

You can convey a huge amount of information in a few seconds through a variety of stimuli that make it easy to attract the attention of viewers and hence draw attention to the importance of relying on different types of videos, in conjunction with its increasing importance and effective role in the marketing process. Brands create videos to spice up their online profile, which is thought of as video content marketing. The video is often shared on YouTube or other social media platforms. But they can even be shared through webinars, training courses, live videos or self-hosted videos.

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Video marketing strategy

Some of the most important ideas for producing a video clip are:

Audience engagement and retention

Videos quickly attract attention. In a fast-paced digital landscape, where users scroll through content quickly, a well-crafted video can stop them in their tracks.

Combining images, sound and movement creates a multi-sensory experience that resonates with viewers. Whether it’s a product demo or an honest testimonial, videos evoke emotion and increase audience engagement.

Tell the brand story

Videos allow brands to effectively tell their story. Whether it’s the origin of the company, who’s behind it, or the mission they stand for, a compelling narrative can create a lasting impression.

Search engine optimization and visibility

Videos increase search engine visibility (SEO), and YouTube is the second largest platform after Google.

When optimized with relevant keywords, video content can improve brand visibility. Additionally, videos often appear in search results, resulting in higher click-through rates.

Educational content

Videos are a great way to simplify complex information and concepts, whether through a tutorial, webinar, or explainer video.

Educational videos also position the brand as an authority in its field, as they build trust and credibility.

Call to action (CTA)

It’s essential that your video has a clear CTA. Whether by subscribing to a channel, visiting a website, or making a purchase, the CTA guides viewers to the next steps.

Calls to action can be subtle, such as a watermark containing a website URL, or explicit, such as a voiceover urging viewers to click on a link.

Video marketing steps

When you intend to engage in video marketing to promote your products, you must follow the following steps:

Set your goals

Setting clear goals is an essential part of guiding the video marketing process, by increasing brand awareness, increasing website traffic, attracting potential customers, or even increasing sales.

Know your target audience

Understanding your target audience is key to creating videos that resonate with people. It is therefore advisable to conduct market research to determine demographics, interests and pain points, with the aim of customizing segments that meet their preferences and needs.

Plan your content

After setting goals and understanding your audience need, develop a content strategy. Brainstorm video ideas that are relevant to your industry and provide value to viewers. It is recommended to use a mix of educational, entertaining and promotional content to keep your audience engaged.

Create high-quality videos

Use good equipment, including a high-resolution camera, microphone, and lighting settings, to get clips that look and sound professional Leave an impression on the viewer. Pay attention to factors including framing, composition, and sound clarity.

Crafting persuasive texts

Well-written text is essential to communicate your message effectively:

Structure the text to have a clear introduction, body and conclusion.

Use storytelling techniques to capture the audience’s attention.

Include relevant examples to explain your statement.

Search engine optimization

As with written content, videos benefit from SEO, as you can do keyword research to identify relevant words and incorporate them into your video titles, descriptions, and tags. This helps the clips rank higher in search results and increases traffic to the site.

Choose the appropriate distribution channels

Study the target audience’s presence systems closely and distribute video clips. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are among the most prominent video marketing platforms. Take advantage of email marketing, embed clips on your site and work with influencers to expand your reach.

Analysis and iteration

Analyze the performance of your videos regularly using analysis tools, pay attention to metrics for views, engagement, click-through rates, and conversions. Use this data to determine what will work and what needs improvement.


Video marketing has proven to be the ideal promotional means that helps market various products and services and is the basis for the success of any business. Therefore, it is important to search for the best electronic marketing company that has experience in managing a video marketing strategy.

But it is worth noting that video marketing is a dynamic field, so staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies is crucial. By following these steps and constantly improving your approach, you can effectively leverage the power of video to achieve your marketing goals.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing: concept, principle, most important sites

Affiliate marketing is a frequently used term at the present time, and it is a type of marketing that allows us to earn a commission on every sale we make after we promote products that we do not sell. It has also become one of the most important methods of income on the Internet, as it is possible to obtain income without the need to have a presence. Financial or investment in purchasing and storing products, and one of the most popular minority methods is the conversion link, where the owner of the store that you will be promoting gives you a link to a trackable product that you place on your own blog or YouTube channel, and thus you take a commission on every sale made when customers enter.

We talk below on Al-Homsi ’s website about the concept, benefits, and most prominent sites.

A glimpse into the emergence of affiliate marketing

The story of affiliate marketing began in 1989, with the inclusion of American businessman William J. Tobin, founder of Flowers & Gifts pc, through a program called Prodigv to become an affiliate marketing program throughout history and the ages, and with the passage of time, initiatives and small companies emerged to achieve the same concept.

Merchants saw affiliate marketing as a great opportunity on the Internet because it brings together people from all over the world and this leads to the creation of a global commercial partnership for millions of products.

Then, in July 1996, the world of affiliate marketing took a qualitative shift, and it occurred with the rise of Jeff Bezos, the founder and owner of Amazon, after launching the Amazon affiliate marketing program to promote its products and link product pages to marketers so that they could obtain a commission from every book sold by the marketer on Amazon.

Affiliate marketing

The working principle of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is done in three easy and simple main steps as follows:

  1. Your experience with the product or service that you deem appropriate.
  2. Promote your product or service and get people to take action with your link.
  3. Earn commission for every purchase made by you.

Affiliate marketing elements:

Jerome McCarthy, in his book “A Management Approach” published in 1960, summarized the marketing mix in four axes. He wrote that the marketing mix is ​​then developed into four components called the four elements (product_place_promotion_price). We will explain each one of them.

  1. Product: Within the four elements of marketing, we will define it as the goods or service that the business provides. At this stage businesses focus on decisions to find the right products or services to reach the right audience.
  2. Businesses can consider the value of a product or service.
  3. Price: Businesses must have a detailed understanding of the product or service they provide. Businesses need to evaluate consumer expectations, competitors’ pricing, and returns.
  4. Place: This category includes where, when, and how products will be displayed and sold to customers.
  5. At this stage, businesses need to think about whether and how their products or services will be sold online or in a physical store. Businesses need to think about distribution, inventory, supply chain, or any other factors involved in informing or providing customers with access to the product. Or service.
  6. Promotion: The purpose of this step is for businesses to determine how to inform customers about their products or services. This includes everything from advertising, public relations, social media, discovery bar optimization, email, video marketing, audio marketing, and any other means through which the business spreads.
  7. Process: The process through which a business is operated, purchasing, performance and operations are completed.
  8. Physical evidence: It is the quality of customers’ experience with the business and includes the facilities provided by the business, such as (online evaluations, certificates, case studies, etc.).

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Benefits of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has become very important because it has become required in any marketing strategy for the largest companies. There are three things that indicate the importance of affiliate marketing:

  • Saves your time and money: As we talked about, affiliate marketing is a type of easy income that does not require investing a lot of time and money. Finding, storing, shipping and packaging products is your business or their responsibility.
  • Selling in distant places: You can benefit from sales in places other than your country of residence through affiliate marketing by reaching the largest possible number of users, and by reaching them and marketing to them through various platforms and tools, you can increase your commission percentage in places outside your jurisdiction. The country you are in.
  • More profit: You benefit from blogging for your customers and creating a base based on trust and confidence between you and the customers and at the same time the site gets a boost to its sales and provides an opportunity to reduce inventory.
  • Freedom of choice: You alone will choose the products and sales that you will promote from among several options according to the audience you want to deal with.
  • Easy and fast: Affiliate marketing is a very easy way to learn and quick to make a profit from, as the profit begins as soon as you start providing and searching for information, the required information about the product to customers and explaining its value and features that may prompt them to buy it.
  • Merchant assistance for you: Sometimes the merchant or product owner may send you what you want and need in terms of promotional tools for the product, whether they are pictures, advertising banners, links, emails, etc.
  • An infinite number of products: There are an infinite number of products that enable you to obtain profits with extremely high commissions, ranging from 20% to 70% of the product price.
  • You do not need customer support: customer care and support depend on the company that will sell the product.
  • Growth without risks: It is allowed to take a commission, and the commission may be as large as 70% of the product price. All this without taking any risks as an affiliate marketer or even as a company or online store.

The best affiliate marketing sites

There are websites on the Internet that provide affiliate marketing services:

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate site:

Here we are in front of a store that is considered one of the largest online stores in the world, providing

 An unlimited number of goods and products such as accessories, clothes, perfumes, books, fashion, makeup, smart phones, etc.

eBay website:

One of the best affiliate marketing sites enjoys great trust among customers and is one of the strongest online stores competing with the Amazon store.

Noon affiliate:

Noon store is one of the Arab stores where you can earn money through coupons that you can promote and earn money from.

Retail stores:

It is a global company and the quality of its services is at a high level, and its credibility cannot be talked about, as its wonderful reputation precedes it and it has products in all fields and all types. Its commission reaches 75%, which is very important for some marketers.

Shein website:

This is also one of the best affiliate marketing sites. It is based on the same idea as the Noon store. One of the most important features of Shein is that when a person enters your link to the Shein website and does not buy anything, then he enters it again and buys after that, the site will give you the full commission. Shein is distinguished by It is distinguished from others by the quality of the goods and their development to keep pace with all fashion trends, in addition to their good prices.

ArabClicks website:

ArabClicks is a network specialized in digital marketing in markets and its influence reaches all parts of the Middle East and North Africa. It provides you with updated technical solutions to improve the rules of the game in the field of affiliate marketing in the Arab world.

It is one of the most important affiliate marketing sites due to its ability to promote the products of competing Arab sites, including: Noon, Shein, Jumia, and

CJ Affiliate website:

It is among the best foreign marketing sites that you can rely on as a marketer. It is basically an advertising marketing company owned by Publici. It is distinguished by its high commission of up to 75% on some products, which makes it come in third place after the Click Bank site, and this is evidence of the importance of this site. Among the affiliate marketing sites, the site has a large group of products that can be promoted, which means increasing profits.

ArabyAds website:

It is an Arab company among companies. If you want to stand in front of many stores and other sites, you can benefit from them and get a job opportunity in the field of affiliate marketing. It is also among the best affiliate marketing sites at the level of Arab sites. This company is considered the leader among the Arab networks in the field of affiliate marketing, but these networks Arabic in the field of affiliate marketing, but this network does not accept all applications submitted to join them (they do not accept beginner marketers).

Max Bounty website:

This company is considered one of the best affiliate marketing sites to earn money and profit through the Internet. The site works to communicate between the product owner and officials. The site is also characterized by credibility and excellent customer service.

Affiliate marketing on Ali Express and Alibaba

This site needs no introduction, as it contains millions of products and goods that the promoter or marketer can work to promote and profit from obtaining a commission. There are many trade fairs that are active on the site, and you can set up your own store and start earning money from affiliate marketing.

Invoice platform

The Fatawa platform provides you with everything you need to know in the field of affiliate marketing, in addition to e-commerce services, electronic payment, cashier services, payment links, and the billing system service.


Among the most common questions about the topic of affiliate marketing are:

How do I get started in affiliate marketing?

First, you must choose the appropriate market in which you want to specialize. Do not try to mix products so as not to lose your audience.

Secondly, choose the product, meaning that you must decide which products you will sell, and what many affiliate marketing sellers do is choose the products with the biggest title. This is tempting, but it is not the best, as you must choose the product that is most useful to the buyer and the most requested and needed by him.

What are the best affiliate marketing sites?

Amazon Affiliate, eBay, Noon Affiliate, Retail Stores. location

share Asale Affiliate, Shein website, ArabClicks, Max Bounty website.

e-marketing applications

The best e-marketing applications for the year 2024

Electronic marketing applications are part of the era in which we live, as they provide more interaction to reach a large number of customers and promote products and services over a wide area, after reaching the customer was done through old means of television, radio, and others.

 Below in Al-Homsi we review the most prominent applications that help any entrepreneur market his services, organize his tasks, and increase his work productivity.

 How to choose e-marketing applications

 When choosing e-marketing applications, you must consider the features and capabilities it provides to get the maximum return on your investment. Among the factors that must be taken into consideration:

e-marketing applications
e-marketing applications

 Software integration

 Digital marketing uses several tools and platforms to reach and engage customers.

 It is important to choose software that can be easily integrated with other tools and applications: customer relationship management (CRM) software or Email marketing tools.

 Analytics and reporting

 It is necessary for the software to provide analytics that allow tracking the performance of campaigns on a regular basis.

Customer support

Fast customer support is one of the most important factors that should be considered, especially for those who are new to the field.

 It is recommended to choose an application that offers a range of support options, including email, phone, and social media platforms.


 Business growth should be taken into consideration, as you may need to expand your marketing efforts as your business grows.  Therefore, it is recommended to choose programs that can grow and support your needs when expanding.


The price of the product must also be taken into consideration to ensure it is compatible with your budget.

E-marketing softwares

There are many e-marketing applications, some of which are intended for marketing campaigns:

 Buzzsumo program

 It is considered one of the most important Types of digital marketing. It helps you improve your work in the field of e-marketing, as it shows the marketing content. It also helps you identify your competitors in the same field.

Ahrefs digital marketing tools

 The goal of this tool is to search for advanced results, which allows access to electronic marketing by increasing the number of visits and identifying popular content on different websites.

Google Adwords marketing programs

 To succeed in the field of electronic marketing, you need very high efficiency, and this application is more widely used and effective, as many companies employ people with Google Adwords specialization.

Facebook marketing program Facebook audience

Social networking sites have become more widely used among people, especially Facebook, and this popularity has made Facebook one of the most effective means in the field of electronic marketing.

 Choicestnea program

This tool is considered one of the most important and successful e-marketing applications, which greatly helps in improving products and developing the efficiency of media campaigns through Internet sites.

 Mailchimp tool

 Electronic marketing is an effective means as it enables us to reach thousands of customers on web pages and display products to them. In 2016, more than 250 billion emails were sent through this tool, as it contains many advantages.

 SemRush program

 One of the applications of SEO e-marketing is to improve website rankings as follows:

  • It allows searching for keywords and identifying ranking opportunities.
  •  Includes tools to analyze and improve website content off-page, on-page, and technical.
  •  It also offers tools to manage and analyze PPC campaigns, including bid management and performance tracking.
  •  It gives insights into competitors’ performance, including keyword selection strategies.

 Sprout Social

 One of the most effective electronic marketing tools that disseminate goods and products on a large scale and reach a large number of effective users.  It is also an interactive tool through which customers can be contacted, which brings interaction to users.


 One of the most important e-marketing applications used to help create email campaigns and manage customer lists effectively.


 Among the most common questions about e-marketing applications:

  • What are digital marketing tools?

 It is a plan that includes all the marketing activities adopted by the company with the aim of increasing its sales.

  • What e-marketing tools are used for analysis?

It helps in supervising websites, testing errors, and monitoring the strengths and weaknesses of its pages. It also displays the number of visitors and the pages with greater visits, including:

  1.  Google Analytics tool.
  2.  Google Search Console tool.
  3.  Screaming Frog tool.
  4.  Page Speed Insights.
  • What is the best tool for online marketing for creating stores?

 Among the most prominent e-marketing tools:

 Shopify: A platform dedicated to creating online stores, in addition to managing them.  WooCommerce: One of the powerful WordPress platform plugins, it provides great features for creating an online store.


 The previous e-marketing tools and applications contribute significantly to increasing the efficiency of e-marketing and reaching a large number of customers and users.  It may also contribute to raising private websites and blogs to advanced levels of search results and making products and services known to the largest number of customers.

Influencer marketing

Research paper on influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has spread widely over the Internet as a result of the industry’s rapid growth and continued effectiveness. On the Al-Homsi Company website, we will offer an Influencer marketing report: concept, mechanism, and importance and review the most prominent strategies that make it successful.

 Influencer marketing concept

Influencer marketing is a method that uses old and new marketing tools, and relies on influential people. Influencer marketing can be understood as the role of matching between influencers’ products and consumers. but what is the key to influencer marketing?

The definition of influencers in marketing is celebrities or people with authority to develop a content-based campaign capable of making a positive impact on purchasing decisions and urging people to buy.

Influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing How do you promote your products through celebrities?

A brand collaborates with an online influencer with the aim of promoting a specific product or service, in other words, improving brand recognition.

 In fact, influencers are the opposite of celebrities. You may find an influencer anywhere, as well as anyone, whose influence results from increasing the number of their followers on websites and social media platforms.  Maybe he’s a fashion photographer, a good blogger, or a CEO.

 Types of influencers

 How brands do influencer marketing? There are several types of influencers, divided into two basic types:

 Types of influencers in terms of numbers of followers

 As we know, influencer marketing is based primarily on the influencer’s ability to reach a family of people.  Which makes it essential when you want to obtain services.

 Types of influencers in terms of classification

 When choosing an influencer, the functional and social aspects must be considered, with the aim of ensuring the effectiveness of influencer marketing.  The most popular Influencer marketing examples according to how they can be classified are:

  •  Celebrities: They have the largest number of followers, and they can reach a large audience, including: people of art or sports stars.
  •  Professionals: Professionals may be in any field including: entrepreneurs or industry experts such as coaches.
  •  Bloggers: such as content writers (Bloggers), video makers (Vloggers), or audio producers (Podcast).

Advantages of influencer marketing

There are several benefits of influencer marketing that make people prefer using it over others:

Builds trust quickly

It builds a close relationship between influencers and audiences based on credibility. People respect the content and recommendations by sharing influential content, then we put your message in front of an active audience.

Improves awareness of the business relationship

Marketing greatly affects your reach and positioning on the Internet. Social media users begin to learn about a lot of the business relationship, so it is one of the most important benefits of using influencer marketing. The main reason for achieving the highest level of influence strategy is to provide high-quality content on the Internet.  Social media and ensuring value between both parties.

Enriches your content strategy

Sometimes sharing influencer content helps fill in the blanks in your content schedule, as it works great in some situations where you are implementing content ideas and then need good content to publish on your social media pages.

Effectively reach your target audience

This step is one of the biggest benefits of using influencer marketing. Your content is placed in front of interested users in your niche. You do not have to spend additional money on your audience’s expertise and finding it. Just promote the influencer who is already in this audience on social media and the Internet.

Provides amazing value to your audience

Content is delivered to solve problems within inbound marketing and educate target audiences because influencers are in tune with the needs of the people they serve.

 Builds winning partnerships

 Sometimes connecting with influencers and interacting with them is the beginning of a strong relationship when for long periods of time you never know where these connections could end.

What is the influence marketing strategy?

When you want to market with influencers, follow the following strategies:

  • Choose a well-organized style.
  • Set a clear plan and budget.
  • Determine how you will go about finding influencers, either organically, via platforms, or by a specific agency.
  • Set a schedule appropriate to what the influencer prefers, whether monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.
  •  Finally, be patient until you reach your goal.

 Pros and cons of influencer marketing

Influencer marketing has a set of pros and cons like other types. What are the advantages of influencer marketing?

  • Reach the audience you are looking for.
  • Influencers are characterized by trust and credibility, which makes them influence potential customers and turn them into real ones.
  • You may reach a huge number of customers.

What are the disadvantages of influencer marketing?

  •  You may have difficulties finding influencers.
  •  Influencers can hurt your brands if you don’t choose them well.

How to choose the right influencer for the project

Influencer marketing is where project owners contract with influencers with large numbers of followers, but this must be done according to a well-thought-out strategy to get the best result. So how do you choose the right influencer for your project?

 Areas of influencers

The influencer is seen as trying to direct people to buy a product that may not be worth it in order to obtain the compensation agreed upon in the marketing campaign.  Therefore, it is necessary to reach influencers with a specific specialty. People know that their opinions and nominations are valuable and they listen to them like professionals or managers.

The quality of the target audience

One of the most prominent features of influencer marketing is that it contributes to reaching the target audience in your project, so contracting with it saves you a lot of effort in targeting.

Form of contracting with influencers

 It is necessary to evaluate this in terms of the brand, and the most prominent forms of contracting are:

  •  Paying money for a contract: Some influencers have specific and fixed prices for those who want to contract with them.  Knowing it, you can estimate what suits your budget.
  •  Paying for the number of sales: This can be likened to the affiliate marketing process, where the customer pays a fee for each sale made.
  •  Providing free products or services to the influencer: This may be offered in exchange for financial compensation.
  • Data on influencers: In fact, the number of followers is not the primary criterion for choosing an influencer, but it is one of the most important, in addition to a set of data:
  •  Numbers of followers: You must consider the number of followers on the platform you want to work on.
  • Interaction volume: The volume of interaction on the influencer’s posts must be considered, then divided by the number of followers, to know the percentage of interaction.
  • Content quality: It varies according to each influencer, so you must choose an influencer that provides similar content.
  • Number of posts: You should consider the number of posts a person has to make sure they fit your needs.

Ease of contracting and dealing with the influencer

There is an easy way to communicate with the influencer, whether through a responsible team or dealing with him personally through various other means of communication.

 Others’ experiences with the influencer

 To verify the effectiveness of the influencer for your project, collect information about previous project experiences with him, check sales numbers or potential customers converted into actual ones.


 Among the most common questions about influencer marketing are:

  •  How to make money through influencer marketing?

 By writing and publishing promotional posts for the brand, they may become brand ambassadors when they master the role, provided that you choose them with large audiences that match your customers.

  •  Who are the influencers in marketing?

 An influencer can be found anywhere, as well as anyone, who generates their influence by growing their massive following.

 In conclusion, it is worth noting that influencer marketing, like other marketing methods, does not happen overnight. Rather, it requires patience, perseverance, and exploiting the power of influential figures to spread your brand.


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