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Marketing via sociale media platforms

The Social media marketing guides

marketing via social media sites contributes to the electronic marketing process to ensure that the desired image is delivered to customers who use these sites daily in a large and massive way, and are affected in their purchases by what is circulated in them, which requires the company to ensure its follow-up and constant and regular presence in it to ensure maximizing the benefit from the advantages of this type of marketing. We will review below on Al-Homsi’s website the definition and the most prominent strategies and platforms used in it.

Definition of marketing via social media sites

marketing via social media sites is one of the types that tends to gain visitors to your website or product by attracting their attention through social media sites and social networks in order to reach customers automatically without the urgent need to update or publish content manually.

The importance and Benefits of social media marketing

The importance of marketing via social media sites is represented in increasing the number of customers for each business activity. By creating content and publishing it on various social media sites, which helps to reach different products and services to the target group

for each company, which works to increase the number of customers significantly and exchange mutual trust between the company and its customers. Marketing is also done via social media using a set of practices and procedures that contribute to reaching the target group very quickly.

Social media marketing strategy

Marketing via sociale media platforms
Marketing via sociale media platforms

Social media marketing strategies are essential in the age of digital technology as they help some companies reach their target audience and enhance brand awareness in 2003. These strategies also contribute significantly to the success of businesses today, as they help reach their target audience and enhance brand awareness. These strategies can also contribute significantly to the success of a business. The best of these strategies are:

  • Content Marketing: It requires creating very useful content for customers and enables you to create articles, blogs and other media materials that provide the audience with useful information that helps solve their problems.
  •  Search Engine Optimization: This strategy plays an important and vital role in increasing the brand and attracting many customers. You can also improve your web pages on websites to improve keywords, build links and improve the user experience.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is one of the most important and powerful marketing tools that can be used through social media. You can send emails to communicate with customers and provide offers and information. Emails must be of high quality. High to achieve the best results.

The impact of marketing through social media

Social media plays a major role in promoting various commercial activities, so we will talk about the impact of social media in marketing

through several points:

● Enhancing brand awareness: The brand is the logo of every

company and is a distinctive means of ideal promotion for commercial activities, so social media enhances brand awareness in the market in a very

significant way.

● Customer generation: The impact of social media on marketing is that it helps to

increase traffic for each activity and the ability to convert temporary customers to permanent ones and gain their trust in the fastest time.

● Low marketing costs: Marketing through social media is one of the means

that is characterized by its low cost compared to other means.

● Direct contact with customers: Among the impact of social media is that it creates other contact with

customers, as it is possible through social media sites to respond directly to customers and enhance complete trust

between customers and the company.

● Knowing customer opinions: Through social media, you can learn about customer opinions and evaluations of services or products and work on developing them to suit all their needs.

Electronic tools and Social media marketing platforms

Marketing tools are technical tools and are the right hand and main assistant in the marketing process. The most important of these tools are:

Google Search

This is the first marketing tool to be relied upon in the field of electronic marketing and it is a free tool affiliated with the Google search engine.

Google Analytics

This is also a free tool provided by Google and is characterized by being more in-depth than its predecessor in analyzing sites and user activity.

Page Speed ​​Insights 

This is also a free tool affiliated with Google and is used to measure page loading speed, which is an essential element of the elements affecting the user experience of websites.


is a paid tool with some features, It is characterized by its ability to crawl and follow internal and external links and analyze competitors

And know the deficiency of content

Screaming Frog

It is a marketing tool that is characterized as a powerful tool for social media sites that detects

Errors, their locations and the nature of their severity, in addition to issuing sufficient reports about them with just the click of a button.


This tool allows us to monitor customers step by step with ease and analyzes all customer visits to your site and tracks them in detail.


This tool is characterized by giving the user very detailed data regarding keywords and synonyms in addition to the feature of analyzing pay-per-click campaigns only

And monitoring the brand’s performance in the market and analyzing its different reactions.

Advantages and disadvantages of marketing through social networking sites

Social networking sites are known as a means of communication through which the user can create an account that enables him to communicate via the Internet to share information and ideas and others. 

Advantages of social networking sites

These sites have several advantages, the most important of which are:

  • Providing opportunities for young people to express their ideas and opinions: The world has become largely connected in light of social networking sites and blogs, where anyone can easily express their ideas And gather those interested in it from all over the world.
  • Getting support and participation: Simply sharing a person’s problems and expressing them and getting support from others makes it easier for the person to overcome the experience better.
  • Getting job opportunities and marketing themselves: According to recent statistics, 6.5 million job opportunities have been announced on .com sites, which is an example of professional social networking platforms. Companies have also started using it as a tool to attract employees from all over the world.
  • Opening new and great horizons for pioneering ideas: Social networking sites are considered the most important marketing tool used by large companies and owners of new ideas to market their products and services. This is called electronic marketing via social networking sites.
  • Creating job opportunities and the emergence of new career paths: There are now opportunities for full-time or part-time work that many young people can do, such as (marketing content writer, social media marketing specialist, graphic designer specialized in designing advertisements for products on social media platforms.
  • Constant contact with the world: In previous years, there was no opportunity to communicate with family or friends in other countries, but now we can easily communicate with anyone anywhere, which opens up large areas for work and taking information from everywhere.

As we talked about the advantages of marketing via social media, there are also some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Social networking sites

The most important of disadvantages are:

  • Addiction: According to the latest statistics that were mentioned in one of the magazines, many adolescents between the ages of 13-18 spend about 9 hours a day using social media, and this has a significant and negative impact on other aspects of life.
  • Social isolation and the illusion of virtual communication: We may sometimes find members of the same family in the same house communicating with each other through social media, and we may find individuals spending many hours using Phones without any personal and effective communication and everyone is satisfied with virtual communication only.
  • Monitoring the conditions of others and looking at manifestations of luxury: This may cause frustration and despair
  • For some from the frequent following of celebrities and influencers and their news.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the basics of marketing via social media?

Strategy, planning and publishing, interaction and participation, analysis and measuring results, advertising.

  • What are the benefits of marketing via social media?

One of the benefits of marketing via social media is that it provides free and paid advertising methods that expand the circle of communication with a large number of customers around the world.

  • How do I market a product on social media?

You can market on social media through several points, the most important of which are: setting goals, identifying social media platforms, developing a marketing plan, developing business accounts, communicating with others, measuring performance results.


The impact of social media on marketing has a very large and huge role in the success of any

commercial activities as it gains customer confidence, increases sales volume and creates communication with

promoting the brand in the market, so we must deal with the best

electronic marketing companies such as Tech Village, a leader in this field.

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