Social media marketing strategies examples

What are social media marketing strategies for 2024?

Social media marketing strategies are essential and very important in the current era of technology, as they help companies reach their target audience and enhance brand awareness.  As these strategies can contribute very significantly to the success of a business, On the Al-Homsi Company website, we will provide you an effective tips on electronic marketing strategies for the success of your marketing campaign on social media sites. 

Social media marketing strategies examples 

Social media marketing strategies are one of the best ways to market products and services at the present time.  Due to the increasing number of followers within it, for this reason, the intensity of competition between companies that want to market their products through it is increasing.

What are 8 social media digital marketing strategies?:

Create a branded hashtag on your content

You should put your hashtag on social media sites.  Your marketing content may help you gain a large number of followers, and classifications help collect similar content in the same specialty and classify posts according to the topic they contain and the campaign to which they belong.

 The hashtag also uses trademarks to promote products, services, projects, and businesses within them.

Video marketing 

One of the best methods of promotion is live video marketing, especially Facebook, because viewers prefer video more than reading.

Marketing video on Facebook builds credibility and trust between the consumer and the brand and increases awareness of the company and the brand.

Take advantage of Instagram Stories in your marketing plan

The Instagram story in marketing plans through social media sites promotes the brand effectively.  This strategy is one of the effective marketing methods that has led to great success on Instagram because it is based on showing what is happening behind the scenes. You can also display customers’ experiences with the company and encourage them to purchase the product by offering rewards to existing customers.

Create useful content about your products on social media sites:

 When writing content or making a marketing video for your products, you should focus on increasing your customers’ awareness of the product and educating them by providing useful information about the product.

 Paid marketing ads, Facebook ads and Twitter ads

The best way to market products and services is paid advertising, as it is an effective electronic promotion method as it helps reach potential customers and introduces them to the available product or service.

Use an influencer marketing strategy

Influencer marketing is considered one of the best marketing ideas through social media, as it cooperates with influencers who are active in the same field and have large numbers of followers to promote the product.

 It varies between hundreds and thousands of followers to ask them to promote your products in more than one way. One of these methods is to encourage their followers to buy them or by trying them out and providing a review about them, but this will be in exchange for providing something that may be a sum of money, free products, etc.

Use customer referral programs 

This strategy contributes to attracting a large number of new customers to you, in exchange for customers getting your discounts by writing a post explaining their new experiences in purchasing your product.

Boost social profiles via seo 

Using keywords to describe your profile and titles on social media can improve your page’s SEO.  Put your target words and phrases on your resume and in all your accounts, and you should check your account on Google business listings.

 Always maintain an active presence on social media

 Always try to keep your social media profile updated and also respond to customer comments.

Then post content about your business regularly and reference high-quality images, videos, and GIFs in posts to increase engagement.

Interact with followers 

 Maintain mutual interaction, but be careful when responding to their comments, and you also comment on their posts. This helps you strengthen your relationships with your followers, after which they will be transformed from your followers into ambassadors for your brand. 

 When you address them, you must speak in a special and appropriate language that will keep them from buying your products.

Organizing competitions and asking questions

social media marketing strategies

social media marketing strategies

This can be implemented by offering contests and gifts. Through social media marketing, you can offer gifts to the winners by asking contests or questions. This is in exchange for interacting with or sharing your posts, so you must find more than one way to communicate with the people who won the award.

 This increases the enthusiasm of your followers and attracts them to interact with you passionately. It also attracts new followers and increases public awareness of the brand, thus spreading your posts and your brand primarily by relying on likes and follows to measure the quality and importance of posts.

 You can also request some information from followers in exchange for participating in the competition, such as their email addresses, to add them later to the mailing list and use them in email marketing.

Email marketing

Send emails to customers to introduce your products, offers, and features.

Encourage customers to provide reviews

You should encourage customers to submit reviews about your products on your page to get many followers on social media. 

Conduct a dialogue with the audience 

The method of asking questions is considered one of the good methods of marketing because it may increase the audience’s interaction with you through social media platforms. This is why you must open dialogues with the audience so that they feel that you care about their opinions and comments and ask them questions to promote a new product by offering prizes for correct answers.

 Link the website to all your social media profiles

 This method attracts the audience to communicate with the company.

Study audience activity on platforms

For example, your target audience may be active on Facebook in the morning and at night, while appearing less during the afternoon and late night.


 Among the most common questions about marketing strategies on social media sites are: 

How can Social media management?

 Through the following steps:

  •  Correctly define goals and target audience 
  •  Choosing the appropriate channels to communicate with the target audience
  •  Create diverse and engaging content
  •  Interaction and rapid response 
  •  Use of analytical tools.

 What are social marketing strategies?

 Word of mouth marketing, relationship marketing, social media marketing, blogging, marketing campaigns.

 How is marketing done through social media?

 By creating important and attractive content and sharing it on social media platforms, the goal is to attract and interact with users and make them interact with the products or services being promoted.

 What is social media plan for marketing?

  • First: Make the content suitable for each platform
  • Second: Publish a diverse topic
  • Third: Determine publishing times.


Social media marketing strategies have proven to be one of the effective and inexpensive means to increase sales, accelerate business growth, and attract customers as well. You will achieve success if you take advantage of these strategies within your marketing work to promote your products.

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