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Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing: concept, principle, most important sites

Affiliate marketing is a frequently used term at the present time, and it is a type of marketing that allows us to earn a commission on every sale we make after we promote products that we do not sell. It has also become one of the most important methods of income on the Internet, as it is possible to obtain income without the need to have a presence. Financial or investment in purchasing and storing products, and one of the most popular minority methods is the conversion link, where the owner of the store that you will be promoting gives you a link to a trackable product that you place on your own blog or YouTube channel, and thus you take a commission on every sale made when customers enter.

We talk below on Al-Homsi ’s website about the concept, benefits, and most prominent sites.

A glimpse into the emergence of affiliate marketing

The story of affiliate marketing began in 1989, with the inclusion of American businessman William J. Tobin, founder of Flowers & Gifts pc, through a program called Prodigv to become an affiliate marketing program throughout history and the ages, and with the passage of time, initiatives and small companies emerged to achieve the same concept.

Merchants saw affiliate marketing as a great opportunity on the Internet because it brings together people from all over the world and this leads to the creation of a global commercial partnership for millions of products.

Then, in July 1996, the world of affiliate marketing took a qualitative shift, and it occurred with the rise of Jeff Bezos, the founder and owner of Amazon, after launching the Amazon affiliate marketing program to promote its products and link product pages to marketers so that they could obtain a commission from every book sold by the marketer on Amazon.

Affiliate marketing

The working principle of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is done in three easy and simple main steps as follows:

  1. Your experience with the product or service that you deem appropriate.
  2. Promote your product or service and get people to take action with your link.
  3. Earn commission for every purchase made by you.

Affiliate marketing elements:

Jerome McCarthy, in his book “A Management Approach” published in 1960, summarized the marketing mix in four axes. He wrote that the marketing mix is ​​then developed into four components called the four elements (product_place_promotion_price). We will explain each one of them.

  1. Product: Within the four elements of marketing, we will define it as the goods or service that the business provides. At this stage businesses focus on decisions to find the right products or services to reach the right audience.
  2. Businesses can consider the value of a product or service.
  3. Price: Businesses must have a detailed understanding of the product or service they provide. Businesses need to evaluate consumer expectations, competitors’ pricing, and returns.
  4. Place: This category includes where, when, and how products will be displayed and sold to customers.
  5. At this stage, businesses need to think about whether and how their products or services will be sold online or in a physical store. Businesses need to think about distribution, inventory, supply chain, or any other factors involved in informing or providing customers with access to the product. Or service.
  6. Promotion: The purpose of this step is for businesses to determine how to inform customers about their products or services. This includes everything from advertising, public relations, social media, discovery bar optimization, email, video marketing, audio marketing, and any other means through which the business spreads.
  7. Process: The process through which a business is operated, purchasing, performance and operations are completed.
  8. Physical evidence: It is the quality of customers’ experience with the business and includes the facilities provided by the business, such as (online evaluations, certificates, case studies, etc.).

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Benefits of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has become very important because it has become required in any marketing strategy for the largest companies. There are three things that indicate the importance of affiliate marketing:

  • Saves your time and money: As we talked about, affiliate marketing is a type of easy income that does not require investing a lot of time and money. Finding, storing, shipping and packaging products is your business or their responsibility.
  • Selling in distant places: You can benefit from sales in places other than your country of residence through affiliate marketing by reaching the largest possible number of users, and by reaching them and marketing to them through various platforms and tools, you can increase your commission percentage in places outside your jurisdiction. The country you are in.
  • More profit: You benefit from blogging for your customers and creating a base based on trust and confidence between you and the customers and at the same time the site gets a boost to its sales and provides an opportunity to reduce inventory.
  • Freedom of choice: You alone will choose the products and sales that you will promote from among several options according to the audience you want to deal with.
  • Easy and fast: Affiliate marketing is a very easy way to learn and quick to make a profit from, as the profit begins as soon as you start providing and searching for information, the required information about the product to customers and explaining its value and features that may prompt them to buy it.
  • Merchant assistance for you: Sometimes the merchant or product owner may send you what you want and need in terms of promotional tools for the product, whether they are pictures, advertising banners, links, emails, etc.
  • An infinite number of products: There are an infinite number of products that enable you to obtain profits with extremely high commissions, ranging from 20% to 70% of the product price.
  • You do not need customer support: customer care and support depend on the company that will sell the product.
  • Growth without risks: It is allowed to take a commission, and the commission may be as large as 70% of the product price. All this without taking any risks as an affiliate marketer or even as a company or online store.

The best affiliate marketing sites

There are websites on the Internet that provide affiliate marketing services:

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate site:

Here we are in front of a store that is considered one of the largest online stores in the world, providing

 An unlimited number of goods and products such as accessories, clothes, perfumes, books, fashion, makeup, smart phones, etc.

eBay website:

One of the best affiliate marketing sites enjoys great trust among customers and is one of the strongest online stores competing with the Amazon store.

Noon affiliate:

Noon store is one of the Arab stores where you can earn money through coupons that you can promote and earn money from.

Retail stores:

It is a global company and the quality of its services is at a high level, and its credibility cannot be talked about, as its wonderful reputation precedes it and it has products in all fields and all types. Its commission reaches 75%, which is very important for some marketers.

Shein website:

This is also one of the best affiliate marketing sites. It is based on the same idea as the Noon store. One of the most important features of Shein is that when a person enters your link to the Shein website and does not buy anything, then he enters it again and buys after that, the site will give you the full commission. Shein is distinguished by It is distinguished from others by the quality of the goods and their development to keep pace with all fashion trends, in addition to their good prices.

ArabClicks website:

ArabClicks is a network specialized in digital marketing in markets and its influence reaches all parts of the Middle East and North Africa. It provides you with updated technical solutions to improve the rules of the game in the field of affiliate marketing in the Arab world.

It is one of the most important affiliate marketing sites due to its ability to promote the products of competing Arab sites, including: Noon, Shein, Jumia, and

CJ Affiliate website:

It is among the best foreign marketing sites that you can rely on as a marketer. It is basically an advertising marketing company owned by Publici. It is distinguished by its high commission of up to 75% on some products, which makes it come in third place after the Click Bank site, and this is evidence of the importance of this site. Among the affiliate marketing sites, the site has a large group of products that can be promoted, which means increasing profits.

ArabyAds website:

It is an Arab company among companies. If you want to stand in front of many stores and other sites, you can benefit from them and get a job opportunity in the field of affiliate marketing. It is also among the best affiliate marketing sites at the level of Arab sites. This company is considered the leader among the Arab networks in the field of affiliate marketing, but these networks Arabic in the field of affiliate marketing, but this network does not accept all applications submitted to join them (they do not accept beginner marketers).

Max Bounty website:

This company is considered one of the best affiliate marketing sites to earn money and profit through the Internet. The site works to communicate between the product owner and officials. The site is also characterized by credibility and excellent customer service.

Affiliate marketing on Ali Express and Alibaba

This site needs no introduction, as it contains millions of products and goods that the promoter or marketer can work to promote and profit from obtaining a commission. There are many trade fairs that are active on the site, and you can set up your own store and start earning money from affiliate marketing.

Invoice platform

The Fatawa platform provides you with everything you need to know in the field of affiliate marketing, in addition to e-commerce services, electronic payment, cashier services, payment links, and the billing system service.


Among the most common questions about the topic of affiliate marketing are:

How do I get started in affiliate marketing?

First, you must choose the appropriate market in which you want to specialize. Do not try to mix products so as not to lose your audience.

Secondly, choose the product, meaning that you must decide which products you will sell, and what many affiliate marketing sellers do is choose the products with the biggest title. This is tempting, but it is not the best, as you must choose the product that is most useful to the buyer and the most requested and needed by him.

What are the best affiliate marketing sites?

Amazon Affiliate, eBay, Noon Affiliate, Retail Stores. location

share Asale Affiliate, Shein website, ArabClicks, Max Bounty website.

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